Posted on June 23, 2020

Wedding Anniversaries: Traditional Themes for Each Year

Celebrating wedding anniversaries is special. You’re spending another year with the one you love the most. Many couples actually save the top tier of their wedding cake, freeze it, and then eat it together on their first anniversary. According to, this is deeply rooted in the old belief that eating the last of your wedding cake on your first anniversary would bring good luck and prosperity. Now, the Beaumont Inn is here to share what some other important anniversaries are and how to celebrate them.

1st Anniversary – the Paper Year

Your first anniversary is known as the paper year. For many years, people have been celebrating their anniversaries in accordance with traditional themes. There is no set source from where these themes came from, but they’re fun to follow along with. Some gift ideas for your paper anniversary are handwritten love letters, photos of the two of you, or maybe that book that your spouse has been eyeing.

3rd Anniversary – the Leather Year

Once you’ve reached your third anniversary, you can expect a gift that will last a lifetime. Leather, if properly cared for, can last for the rest of your married life, symbolizing your spouse’s love for you, or vice versa. A leather jacket, a pair of leather shoes, or a wallet/purse are all great ideas for this milestone.

5th Anniversary – the Wood Year

Before you know it, five years will have passed by since your big day. Maybe you’ll have a child, a new home, or a new job by now. What better way to celebrate your marriage milestone, along with any other life milestones, than with a piece of wooden furniture that will bring comfort to your home for years to come. Perhaps a wooden rocking chair to snuggle your baby in or a wooden bookshelf to house your favorite collection of stories. 

10th Anniversary – the Tin/Aluminum Year

A decade of love. Can you believe it? To celebrate such an occasion, you need something as special as your love. As it is the tin/aluminum year, something simple such as an engraved plate, perhaps with your wedding anniversary or the birth dates of your children. Nowadays, some cars are being made with aluminum so maybe a new set of wheels is in the cards.

25th Anniversary – the Silver Year

Spending 25 years with the love of your life is quite the accomplishment. This anniversary theme has quite the backstory as well. According to The Spruce, during medieval times in Europe, wealthy men would gift a silver wreath to their wives as it symbolized harmony. In today’s day and age, your spouse would probably much rather a shining piece of silver jewelry, such as a ring or a necklace.

50th Anniversary – the Gold Year

Half of a century is something to brag about. Once again, back in medieval times, wealthy men would present their wives with golden wreaths if they made it to 50 years of marriage. We suggest another piece of jewelry as a token of your love. This time, maybe a bracelet made of gold with a special message engraved on it.

60th Anniversary – the Diamond Year

The last milestone anniversary we’re going to cover is the diamond year. After 60 years of loving your spouse, it’s only fair that the gift is as valuable as your spouse is to you. This year calls for a pair of diamond earrings or an upgrade to the engagement ring.

Celebrate with The Beaumont Inn

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