Posted on April 14, 2020

Charcuterie Choices: How to Build the Perfect Sweet Spread

Watching children everywhere chow down on their plethora of candy from the Easter Bunny may have your sweet tooth aching. You remember the days of consuming a never-ending amount of sweets but now as an adult, you want something a little more refined. Why not put a spin on the ultra-popular charcuterie board? That’s right, a sweet charcuterie board with all of your favorite desserts and treats. 

Charcuterie Origins

Charcuterie originated in France and referred to smoked and salted meat. These cold, cured meats are now often paired with cheeses, fruits, toasts, and dips. Making a traditional charcuterie board is quite simple, especially if you’re customizing it to your liking. But we’re going in a completely different direction, so let’s get started. 

A Sweet Start

First, to make your dessert charcuterie, you’re going to need some dishes to put all your goodies on and in. Traditional charcuterie boards are just that – wooden cutting boards, usually accompanied by bowls and cups. Choose whatever you see fit and let’s get started.

Cookies & Chocolate

You said you weren’t going to eat any Easter candy but that doesn’t mean you can’t have any sweets at all. Choose some chocolatey, bite-sized items such as chocolate covered pretzels, mini-muffins, or M&Ms. If you’re not feeling a chocolatey-overload, use sweet bread or shortbread cookies. Place them directly on your board or in a bowl.


Now, you don’t want this board to be completely unhealthy, so let’s add some naturally sweet treats like strawberries, cherries, or grapes. If your sweet tooth is truly aching, you can cheat and use candied fruit pieces. Slice the fresh fruit or gather your candied fruit, and lay them out on a corner of your platter.


Just because cheese is generally paired with meat, doesn’t mean you can’t pair it with your sugary delights. The best types of cheese to use when putting together your sweet charcuterie are smoked Gouda, fresh ricotta, and brie. Prep whichever cheese you choose and display it on your board. 

Sweet Dips

At this point, you have a few items on your board that could use some accompaniment. Use the rest of your bowls for some delicious dippers such as honey, Nutella, or some melted marshmallows. 

Salty Additions

Alright, we said this was a dessert board but you can’t have sweet without a little salty. Add some peanuts, bacon bits, or some of your favorite potato chips. Spread them throughout your board. 

Now with all of your ingredients aesthetically displayed on your board, you’re ready for your own mini party of one. Grab a glass of wine to go with your creation and enjoy it!