Posted on October 6, 2022

‘Tis The Season to Be Married

Maybe it’s the Hallmark Channel that has made Christmas-themed weddings seem all the rage. Just picture it: a beautiful snow bride walking down a shimmering aisle. Bridesmaids dressed in velvet red gowns with fur shawls draped across their shoulders. Poinsettias artfully placed in the grandest venue, just the slightest nod to a holiday classic. But no Santa appearances, please. And, there he is, the most handsome groom waiting for his happily-ever-after to meet him at the altar as his groomsmen look on in their sharply pressed suits. So. Swoon. Worthy. Alright, Hallmark or not, we love a glamorous winter wedding. But what should you consider when planning your “I do?”

Cost and Competition

If you’ve always dreamed of a snow-covered wedding day, then you and your pocketbook are in luck. Getting married in the off-season which spans December to March is a great way to save money.

If dollar signs aren’t enough to sell you on a winter wedding, the pick of weekends should. You may have noticed an influx of wedding invitations for fall nuptials. That’s because peak wedding season months are June and September. 

By selecting a winter wedding date, you’re more likely to have your pick of wedding day dates. But don’t forget, with a winter wedding comes the added cost of holiday travel. So you may want to avoid key holidays!

Seasonal Flowers

You may be considering what your options for flowers will be if you decide to have a winter wedding. Have no fear, you have quite an assortment of seasonal flowers and even some holiday-inspired arrangements that can save you time and money. 

  • Carnations: Though an underappreciated flower, carnations are relatively inexpensive and are hardy all year round. 
  • Roses: A stunning red rose is sure to make your winter bouquet pop. 
  • Poinsettias: As soon as you get through Thanksgiving, you won’t be able to avoid poinsettias in stores. They make great filler flowers in your venue or as a simple centerpiece. 

Winter Wonderland

This can be considered a good thing and a bad thing. The natural snowy backdrop you’ll have for your winter wedding can outshine any TV produced event. Granted, you don’t have to play up with a winter wonderland theme if that isn’t your style. 

You’ll also want to be mindful of inclement weather. The thought of a winter blizzard putting a halt to your dream day may have you steering clear of winter wedding plans. But, having a backup plan in place can help alleviate those stressors and keep your happily ever after on track. 

There’s Snowplace Like The Beaumont Inn For Your Winter Wedding

The Beaumont Inn has exquisite dining options and spacious venue spaces for your big day. Whether it is an intimate setting of 50 close family members and friends or a grand affair of 300, weddings at the Beaumont are sure to be remembered. 

Ready to Say “I Do” at the Beaumont Inn?

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