Posted on July 16, 2019

Think Before Submitting That Negative Review

It’s happened to all of us. We get sub-standard service. Once upon a time, it was a case of telling friends, and getting them to tell their friends, and so on. Now, the lure of review sites means we can write a terrible review, and thousands can see it for years to come.

It’s very easy to complain online. You have the option to stay anonymous as you can say whatever comes to your mind. And hey, it’s your opinion. What could go wrong, huh?

Even if you feel 100% justified in your claims, remember that your words still inflict some damage to the business’ reputation. At The Beaumont Inn, we welcome both criticism and compliments. We want to provide our customers with the best meal possible. But sometimes, it just doesn’t go that way.

Before hitting “send” on that terrible review, try reaching out to the management instead. You may find the team is willing to help and will go out of the way to resolve the situation. And give them time to respond. Seven days is usually adequate. Don’t just go home and write that review without speaking to a manager first!

If you feel the response isn’t what you were expecting, make them aware of it and try to come to an amicable agreement. After all, that’s all anyone wants, right? You’re just wanting to help the restaurant succeed by giving them vital feedback.

What does our restaurant group do when we spot a bad review? Depending on the severity of the review will depend on what action to take. Most of the time, customers will get in touch via email or a social media portal saying what they didn’t like about their visit. We are then able
to offer a solution and thank them for taking the time to care about us and letting us know.

If they insist on writing about their experience, it’s a case of just letting it go. But, if the review calls into question integrity, honesty, or ethics and could damage the reputation of the business’, then we will try to contact the guest in-person to resolve the situation.

So the next time you are out, and your experience doesn’t meet your expectations, don’t run home and write an angry review that slams our restaurant and hurts our reputation. Instead, reach out and let them know what went wrong. This will only make you feel better and will allow the restaurant to fix what happened during your visit.

And remember to take the time to write a stellar review too!