Posted on October 3, 2022

What to Do Near The Beaumont Inn

Have you ever been so excited about a trip that you forget to plan things to do when you get there? Your mind is simply all over the place making sure your flight, a place to stay, and your attire is all taken care of. But there’s no need to worry when you stay at The Beaumont Inn as there are so many things to explore in Northeastern Pennsylvania – you cannot be bored! There are endless amounts of things to try and do. Check it out! 

Scenic Views

NEPA is full of scenic views. Visiting places like that is beneficial because you don’t have to spend money to find enjoyment in these things. Moments you can enjoy with the ones you love. A lot of the scenic views are alongside parks for your kids to play in. A very popular place is Frances Slocum State Park. This state park comes with many attractions and amenities spanning about 1,035 acres of land. Visitors go there to fish, hike, bike on the trails, and swim in the public pool during the summer. 

Another great place to visit is Kirby Park. This park is similar to Francis Slocum and is a great place to host family cookouts or play games with your family. They have a lot of trails, volleyball courts, tennis courts, softball fields, and a track. The big open area gives many opportunities to create memories. 

Last but not least, we have Harveys Lake. This lake is great for canoeing, boating, fishing, water skiing, swimming, and more. You will be surrounded by trees and water. It is a very peaceful experience. 


If you love a nice fine glass of wine, you will enjoy your visit. Several of these places are wineries and vineyards. For those who are unsure of the difference between the two, it’s that a vineyard shows you the making of the wine with the rows consisting of vines and trellises. Wineries have liquor licenses, which means they can produce wine and allow guests to taste it. Wineries are great for a date night or if you are planning a big event and need a taste that your guest will remember. Some nearby wineries are Vito’s Wine Cellar, Honey Hole Winery LLC, Blue Ridge Estate Winery & Vineyard, and Pisano Family Wines. 


The Beaumont Inn does have an excellent menu and so much to choose from, such as seafood, salads, and many entrees. However, if you are already out, there’s pizza too. Pizza is a quick grab-on-the-go meal especially since NEPA is known for its pizza. The nearby town of Old Forge claims itself as the pizza capital of the world. What makes this pizza so special is not only its flavor but how it’s made. 

The pizza is made in a rectangular metal pan. When you order the pizza, you order it by the tray, not the pie. A famous myth says they may bring you an actual pie. There are several other famous pizzerias in the area such as Arcaro & Genell, Angelos, Sabatini’s, Grotto, and so many more.

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