Posted on February 14, 2020

Winter Wonderland: An Inside Look at Igloo Dining at The Beaumont Inn

In the last few months, igloo dining has popped up all over the nation. From rooftop bars to country restaurants, everyone is in on the latest trend. In January, The Beaumont Inn announced the installation of three fully decorated and heated personal igloos for two to eight guests and our clients have loved them!

With only a month left until our igloos melt away, it’s time you take advantage of the few reservations left! Still not convinced you want to enjoy fine dining in our igloos? Take an inside look at igloo dining at The Beaumont Inn!

Igloo Dining – First Look.

When you arrive at The Beaumont Inn, you’ll immediately be greeted by the crackle of heaters, and the glow of twinkling lights surrounding the patio area. Each igloo has its own personal decor, all designed by MCR Design Group.

The hostess takes you to your igloo, where the warmth hits you immediately. Each table set in a specific theme: plaid wools, faux furs, and lanterns are just some of the details you may find. With a private server at each igloo to take care of your group’s needs, you are guaranteed to have a one of a kind evening.

The Meal.

It’s your double-date night–indulge a little. After you enjoy homemade bread and maybe a glass of rosé, your appetizer arrives. Sautéed calamari and seasoned baked brie both so good they melt in your mouth. Of course, it’s for the table but you wish you had one all to yourself.

Then comes your complimentary house salad made from the freshest ingredients. Then–the main event.

Your group has a wide variety of food preferences. A medium-rare filet mignon for one; chicken marsala for another. Chicken paillard and crab cakes for you and your bestie. Everything prepared to perfection. Though you thought you had had a little too much baked brie and rosé, your somewhat full tummy is ready to dig into the dish before you. It is a special occasion after all.

The Memories.

Over glasses of wine and dinner, you laugh and talk about old memories all the while creating new ones. A typical Thursday night becomes an evening you won’t soon forget and one you’ll definitely be posting about on social media. Really–how often do you get to eat in an igloo?

While you didn’t save room for dessert–regrettably–you make a pact to return to The Beaumont Inn soon so you can create even more delicious and joyful memories.

The Beaumont Inn. – Igloo Dining

You leave your cozy igloo, so full and oh, so happy. Immediately, you leave an amazing review for all of us to share and you make reservations to dine in our historic dining room the following weekend. Not only did you have the outing of a lifetime, but you have your new favorite spot in NEPA.

You may think we’re getting a little carried away but don’t take our word for it–check out what our igloo diners have to say!

“I went with my husband to try an outdoor igloo dining experience. It was fantastic. They are warm. (didn’t need a jacket) The atmosphere was so relaxing. you cannot hear others from inside. It’s very private. The food was absolutely fantastic.” -Tracey Lea

It’s love at first bite when you dine at the Beaumont Inn in Dallas!

Falling in love with the Beaumont Inn? We’d make the perfect location for your Valentine’s weekend plans or for any special occasion. Book your reservations for your next date night or check out our calendar for our upcoming seatings and events.

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