Posted on June 4, 2021

COVID-19 Canceled Your Wedding? How About An Anniversary Reception!

According to the Wedding Report, 21% of couples postponed their wedding to later in 2020, 41.5% have moved to 2021, and 7% are or have canceled altogether. If you were one of many NEPA brides who had to change their dream day, we have a suggestion for you–an Anniversary Reception! We’ve heard the stories of guest lists being squashed, elaborate ceremonies turning into a courthouse affair–and that’s wonderful–love stops at nothing. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get to celebrate. 

What is an Anniversary Reception?

An anniversary reception is just what it sounds like. A reception held on your anniversary date, or close to it if you can. As many couples will have a wedding reception, many more are turning to an anniversary reception to commemorate their special day. 

An anniversary reception honors the couple’s original wedding plans with a reception-style event that includes dinner, drinks, and dancing with their guest list.

Be it held a year, two years, or even just months from when the newlyweds made it official, this allows the couple to celebrate the way they originally attended. 

How to Throw an Anniversary Reception

So maybe an anniversary reception is the event for you! How can you throw one? To throw a successful anniversary reception, you’ll need to consider the things you typically would have for a wedding reception.

  1. Venue: Obviously The Beaumont Inn is a great place to hold your reception. While dates are filling quickly, there are still spots on the calendar that we would love to put your name on!

  2. Vendors: Chances are you already have vendors you wanted to use for your original wedding date. This is a great step! While your vision may have changed, there are things you can still utilize in this new celebration. From cake to decor, it doesn’t all have to go! Let’s help you recreate your special day.

  3. Invitations: Maybe you are keeping your reception small, or perhaps you’re going all out. No matter what, the invitations will look a bit different than a traditional wedding invitation since the ceremony has already happened. Details to include are: who’s hosting, guest name(s), date and time, location, dress code, and a separate RSVP card.
  4. Enjoy! COVID-19 took so much from so many of us. But now, we reflect and celebrate those missed moments and those we’ve wanted to hold so dearly. And The Beaumont Inn can help.

Host Your Reception at The Beaumont Inn

At The Beaumont Inn, we love love. So, whether you’re planning your future wedding, celebrating your anniversary, or just want to spend time with your love, The Beaumont Inn is here to serve you. Contact us today to speak to our talented staff.