Posted on October 20, 2020

Event Trends of 2021: Weddings At The Beaumont Inn

While many of us had to cancel events that were set to take place throughout 2020, including weddings, baptisms, graduations, and more, some have started rescheduling for next year. With many precautions still in place, events in the near future may be a little different than we’re used to. Let’s check out some event trends predicted for 2021.

Social Distancing

For the majority of 2020, we’ve had to maintain a safe social distance from others to minimize the spread of COVID-19. This practice may extend into next year while medical professionals continue the search for a vaccine/cure. Currently, most venues have a limit on the number of guests allowed. Many who did not cancel their event simply cut down on the guest list. However, next year, rather than exclude certain people, people have predicted that hosts will opt for larger venues instead. One event trend that is already making an appearance as part of social distancing precautions is matching facial coverings to outfits at formal events. David’s Bridal, among other bridal retailers, sell masks that match wedding gowns, bridesmaids’ dresses, and more.

To accommodate their large gatherings, some may turn to outdoor events. A local venue large enough to safely and comfortably host your party is none other than The Beaumont Inn. Our venue is your top choice for an outdoor 2021 wedding! In an article from The Knot, planner and designer Jove Meyer claims that “Tented [outdoor] weddings are the new ballroom.” Our Grand Pavilion is just the space you need to make your day special.

Others have turned to technology to celebrate their life event, by either live streaming it in real-time or by hiring a videographer to make sure their event is documented as much as possible so that they can share the day with those who were unable to attend.

Seating Arrangements

Continuing the practice of social distancing, many event planners are getting creative with seating arrangements. Rather than placing strangers together at tables, families and those who are in close contact often are being placed at one table. When it comes to how dinner is enjoyed, long gone are the days of the buffet. Most venues are instead offering restaurant-style dinners, where the food is brought directly to each guest.

Speaking of restaurants, some are getting creative and introducing igloo dining. While The Beaumont Inn has offered igloo dining well before the onset of COVID-19, it is now even more popular, as people want to go out for a night while still staying safe.

Stay On Top of The Latest Trends at The Beaumont Inn

Though your event may not be happening the way that you had envisioned, The Beaumont Inn will make sure that it is a day you will remember forever. We will work with you to ensure that you and your guests can safely enjoy your celebration. Contact us today to learn more about hosting your event on our estate.