Posted on May 1, 2022

What Makes The Beaumont Inn the Perfect Wedding Venue?

The first step of the rest of your life was getting engaged. Next, is planning your wedding. Weddings are celebrations of love, but the stress of planning a wedding isn’t one of the most positive things about them. With the perfect wedding venue, you can eliminate a lot of the stress involved.

Choosing a place close to home rather than halfway around the country or the world reduces the cost, but most importantly, it makes it easier to plan and manage. Your family and friends will have an easier time making the trip if they need to, and you’ll be able to coordinate between any businesses you’re using that much easier. Just being able to visit the venue ahead of time can make life so much easier. 

So if you live in the Northern Pennsylvania area, The Beaumont Inn is the best choice for ease and convenience alone. Thankfully, we also have state-of-the-art locations on our grounds, an award-winning kitchen for catering, the space to accommodate large weddings, and overnight accommodations for far-traveled guests. We have everything the perfect wedding venue should have for your special day.

The Grounds of the Perfect Wedding Venue

We have multiple locations for wedding ceremonies, cocktail hour, and receptions. Our larger grounds have a minimum of 75 people and a maximum of 300. That doesn’t include our team of coordinators, servers, and kitchen staff who will make sure the event runs smoothly.

Our event pavilion serves as the central location for many of your wedding activities and can host a number of wedding activities. What makes it such a beautiful location has to be the glass sliding doors all around. They surround you and your guests with beautiful greenery, while also avoiding the weather. This means that if you want a summer or winter wedding, you can have all the beauty of the season without any drawbacks. No freezing in your wedding dress or sweating up a storm in your suit. If you want to let in the outside, the sliding doors are easy to open.

The Food of the Perfect Wedding Venue

We pride ourselves on the outstanding work that our award-winning chefs do and the menus they provide. We have several different choices for the food you want to eat and have an entirely separate list just for wine.

You also have choices for how you want your food to be served. You can have plated service, buffets, or chef stations for your reception and cocktail hour. Our chefs cook everything in the pavilion so you can have it fresh out of the kitchen. And we serve food after the wedding as well. For those who board with us, we also offer a farewell morning brunch after the wedding is said and done. It’s an optional addition to the wedding that marks as the perfect summation of the celebration.

Stress-Free Planning of The Beaumont Inn

Wedding planning is still incredibly stressful for so many people. Even in 2022, couples consider it as stressful as finding a new job. We work to fix that by having around-the-clock staff all working together beforehand and the day of, coordinating together, and running logistics on-site. We specialize in making your wedding as stress-free as possible so what should be the best day of your life isn’t the most anxious.

The Day After the Wedding

As the night comes to a close, the exhaustion of the day sets in. Luckily, The Beaumont Inn has lodging accommodations for you and your guests as you need. Then, in the morning, we can serve a farewell brunch to cap off your time with us, thanking you for sharing one of, if not the best, days of your life with us. The farewell brunch is an optional addition that you can add to your wedding.

Make The Beaumont Inn Your Wedding Venue

We offer more features, activities, and services than what can be listed and touched on here. We work around the clock to make sure everyone’s wedding is the best it can be, with as little mental cost to you as possible. Make a visit, come around, dine with us beforehand with a dinner reservation, and find out what makes us the perfect wedding venue. Contact us today.