Posted on February 21, 2020

The Groom’s Guide To The Wedding Day

You bought the ring. Got down on one knee. You hired a photographer to capture the most memorable moment of your life and your now beaming fiance’s, too. You know she’s dreamed of her wedding day since she was a little girl, so you took a backseat on the planning, so she can have the day of her dreams while you get the partner of yours.

But now all the planning is done, and the day has arrived. You have nervous jitters, but the good kind. You may have just been a sounding board for ideas for your blushing bride, but now that it’s the “I Do,” day, you have a bit you need to follow through on–besides the vows, of course!

The Groom’s “I Do” Check List

Groom yourself.

This should go without saying, but you may need the added reminder. Take more than five minutes to shower and shave. Not only will your wife-to-be be spending hours and hours getting glamourous, but you also have friends and family taking the time to look great, too. So, pamper yourself! After you shave, dab on a little aftershave and pat some cologne on your wrists. 

Brush your teeth and don’t be afraid to do an extra gargle of mouthwash. You’ll be hugging and kissing lots on your wedding day, and nobody wants to fall victim to rank breath. You’ll also want to be cognizant of your underarm region, so be sure to deodorize! 


Be sure to have a nutritious meal to start your day. If you and your groomsmen are making a morning of it, encourage everyone to make smart eating choices. It’s a long day and nobody wants to be hangry. 

Be on time, if not early.

Nothing will stress your bride out more than half the bridal party and her groom running behind. Gather your bros early, take some fun photos and gear up for the big day. You’ll be glad you aren’t running around at the last minute and it’ll be one less stressor on you and your bride.

And since you’re early…

Write her a letter to read as the final moments near.

We’ve all looked at those precious first look photos on Pinterest of the bride reading a beautiful note from her groom. Though not a requirement, it’s a nice gesture to let her know you’re thinking of her. And let the photographer know! It may be a moment she wants to be documented!

Run through the must-haves for the ceremony.

You look great and feel great too with all your boys by your side. Now is the time to run through the checklist. Wedding bands? Suits properly donned? Breath-mint check? Do you have your own vows written and ready? 

Anything you can do before the procession begins will help make the ceremony run smoother and get you one step closer to your happily ever after. 

A lot of time and planning goes into weddings. After all, it is the start of your new life together. That’s why our final checklist item is this: enjoy every moment. It will come and go so fast.

Say I Do, at the Beaumont Inn

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