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Posted on July 17, 2020

Wedding Seasons: The Pros and Cons

Every bride wants her wedding day to be perfect, with nothing but beautiful weather and wonderful company. One of the biggest decisions, besides the dress, is the wedding date! Some couples will choose a date that means something to them, such as the date that they started dating or the wedding date of late-grandparents. But others simply choose a date that they like, most often influenced by the season of the year. Here are some pros and cons for a wedding in every season. 



Ahh, spring. A beautiful time of the year when the birds are chirping and the flowers are blossoming just like your love. This time of the year is amazing for a wedding as it is cool enough to wear a heavier gown but also warm enough to go sleeveless. Many brides choose light and pastel colors for their wedding during this time of the year, which is complemented by the rebirth of nature. 


One of the biggest nuances of spring weddings is allergies. No bride wants their puffy eyes to be red and watering in the wedding photos that will hang on the wall of their home for years. Another problem with spring weddings is that while the weather is beautiful, neither too hot nor too cold, it is often unpredictable and can leave you with a swampy mess instead of the floral getaway you had envisioned. 

Summer – the Most Popular Wedding Season


One of our favorite seasons, summer is the biggest wedding season in the U.S. Many Americans love having summer weddings as the sun doesn’t set until nearly 9 P.M., making the day feel even longer and allowing the reception to continue on for hours. Another bonus to having a summer wedding is that your flower selection will be quite vast, giving you plenty of options for the bouquets. 


Heat. Very high heat. Not only will you be sweating in your wedding gown, but your hair may begin to frizz as your makeup melts off of your face, which is what no bride wants, especially during the wedding photos. Your guests will also be feeling the heat, which often distracts them from the wedding ceremony. Another issue to plan for is that some of your guests will not be able to make it due to summer vacations and prior commitments. 



Nothing is as beautiful as the fall foliage, with leaves of deep red, burnt orange, and vibrant yellow. This backdrop allows your wedding color scheme to incorporate darker colors and shades. Unlike a spring wedding, the weather is quite predictable and won’t be nearly as hot as a summer wedding, allowing your guests to focus on you instead of the sweat dripping down their forehead.


While it may be beautiful, it may not be practical. The sun goes down much sooner than it does during the summer, leaving your guests chilly once night falls if your venue is outdoors. An indoor venue will solve this, but then you have less creative control over the event space. Guests may also not be able to attend your wedding if they used all of their vacation time over the summer or are moving their children into their college dorms. 



A winter wedding is perfect for those who want a deep, dark color scheme and love the beautiful contrast of it against the pure white snow. If you’re a cozy person, you can fill your wedding venue with dim lights, hints of gold and other warm colors, and perhaps a large fireplace with flickering flames to keep warm. To ward off the cold, your guests may indulge in some hot chocolate or spiked hot cider, making it a night to remember. 


While you may dream of a white winter wedding, you may end up with a shivery, slushy ceremony. Or it may not even snow at all, leaving you with the bare trees and dead grass as a backdrop. Winter is the season of short days, meaning that you have a small window of opportunity to capture your wedding photos. While your dress may keep your legs warm, it may not keep your upper half toasty, meaning that you have to accessorize with an additional jacket. Lastly, keep in mind that there are various holidays that you need to compete with when it comes to your guest list and who is able to make it.

Let the Beaumont Inn be the Venue of Your Dreams

No matter the season, the Beaumont Inn is the perfect venue for your future wedding. We’ll make sure that your wedding is exactly what you envisioned. Learn more about our wedding packages here.