Posted on November 16, 2021

Why You Should Have a Winter Wedding

So much goes into crafting your dream wedding. However, you don’t want to start planning all the small details until you’ve settled on the right season for the big day. What season your wedding will be in can affect what colors will look best, the flowers that are available, and what the right venue is. While The Beaumont Inn is the perfect place for weddings in NEPA, we think there’s something extra special about winter weddings.

If you’re just getting started planning your wedding and you’re considering a winter wedding, here are a few great reasons why you should choose the snowy season.

Winter Weather Makes a Beautiful Backdrop

We know how important it is that your wedding looks beautiful in the moment and in pictures to cherish for years to come. Fortunately for many winter weddings, nature will take care of this on its own. While you might not want it to snow on your wedding day, there will hopefully be bright white snow on the ground for the big day.

This looks striking in photos and is the hallmark of many winter weddings. Although it may be chilly out for the photos, you and your wedding party can always bundle up in cozy scarves, fur shawls, and even blankets to make your wedding photos unique and perfect for the season.

There’s Less Competition

While all of the work that goes into planning a wedding is more than worth it, most people won’t deny that it is a stressful process. However, tying the knot during the winter can help avoid some of this. If you’re like most people, you probably have a calendar full of weddings all summer long. The summer months are popular for weddings, which can make it harder to plan your own. However, December, January, and February aren’t as common, so there’s likely to be less competition over what you want.

It’s the Perfect Way to Spend the Holiday Season

Many people who marry during the winter often go for a holiday-themed wedding. While there are many themes and aesthetics couples can decide on for their winter nuptials, a holiday wedding is something you might not feel like you can pass up. Winter itself is an amazing theme that you can do a lot with to make it your own. Even if you skip over the traditional holiday season and go into February, you can center your wedding around Valentine’s Day. A holiday that’s dedicated to love is a natural choice for a wedding theme.

Formal Weddings Fit Right In

If you’re hoping to have a more formal wedding, winter is the perfect time for it. While you can have a formal wedding any time of the year, you and your guests will be much more comfortable. The more formal the dress code, the warmer the clothing tends to be. No one wants to wear floor-length gowns, tuxes, and heavy fabrics on a hot summer day, even if the event is inside. Not only does a formal dress code make more sense in the winter, but some of the most popular winter color palettes are also more formal. Dark, rich colors or classic black and white are perfect for a formal winter wedding.

Set the Date for Your Winter Wedding Today

Deciding on the right day for your wedding is a big deal. At The Beaumont Inn, we have years of experience helping people with their special day and can offer advice for planning a winter wedding. Our wedding venue in Dallas, PA, is located in the mountains and offers breathtaking views during the winter months. If you want a picture-perfect winter wedding, there’s no better place than The Beaumont Inn.

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