Posted on March 1, 2022

Enjoy the Remainder of Winter with These Seasonal Dishes at The Beaumont Inn

The weather is gradually getting warmer and the days a little longer, so we all know spring is not that far around the corner. While many are patiently waiting for spring to get here, there are plenty of great things about winter that you shouldn’t wish away just yet. At The Beaumont Inn, one of our favorite parts of winter is sitting down to enjoy a nice, comforting meal with loved ones. Our winter menu is filled with delicious seasonal dishes that use some of the best flavors and ingredients of the season.

There’s still time left to make dinner reservations at The Beaumont Inn to try something off of our winter menu. Here are a few great seasonal dishes that we recommend.

Cozy Baked Brie

Winter is all about staying warm and cozy, and food is the perfect way to do it. Plenty of foods can warm you up, but nothing quite like warmed cheese. At The Beaumont Inn, our winter menu includes a baked brie filled with many great winter flavors. We wrap brie in puff pastry, bake it until it’s golden brown, and caramelize black mission figs to go with it. Then we top it off with a bourbon maple reduction to add even more flavor. There’s nothing better than dipping bread into warm cheese to comfort you during the last leg of winter.

Salad with Fresh Seasonal Produce

Before we get into our amazing winter entrees, our seasonal harvest salad can start your evening off right with some of the best produce you can find this time of year. Rowland’s hydroponic grown Boston bibb lettuce is the base of this salad, which features honey crisp apples, candied pecans, dried cranberries, and crumbled bleu cheese. To top off these winter flavors, we use a maple apple cider vinaigrette. There’s nothing better than enjoying a fresh, healthy meal, and you can do this even in the colder months.

Entrees Featuring Winter Citrus

One great reason to love winter is that citrus is in season. Citrus adds a tart acidity to any dish, and our winter menu wouldn’t be complete without it in a few of our dishes. Our duck breast is pan-seared and served with delicata squash, pork belly hash, and topped with a blood orange gastrique. Our royal tide salmon also gives you a great chance to enjoy winter citrus. The salmon is topped with caramelized pineapple salsa and finished with a winter citrus beurre blanc.

A Vegetarian Take on Beef Wellington

Beef Wellington is a special winter dish, and a vegetarian diet doesn’t have to stop you from enjoying an expertly-prepared Wellington. Our winter menu features delicious vegetarian choices, including a portobello mushroom Wellington. To make our portobello mushroom Wellington, we top roast portobello mushroom with sauteed spinach and Swiss cheese, wrap it in puff pastry, and finish it with a wild mushroom bechamel sauce.

Make Reservations for Dinner at The Beaumont Inn Before Winter is Over

It won’t be long until winter is behind us. Don’t miss your opportunity to enjoy one of the amazing seasonal dishes we’re offering on our winter menu. Make your reservations for dinner in Dallas at The Beaumont Inn today.