Posted on May 15, 2022

What is Quail Meat?

At The Beaumont Inn, we want to provide all of our guests with opportunities to try new foods and flavors and find something that might become their new favorite. Our seasonal menus have many different options to choose from, including dishes you might not have had the chance to enjoy before. Among one of our delicious appetizers is our brioche and pancetta stuffed quail, served over English pea puree, caramelized sea salt, and black lava sea salt. 

If this is an appetizer you’re considering the next time you visit The Beaumont Inn for dinner in Dallas, you might want to know a little more about it.

What is a Quail?

Quail are small game birds in the pheasant family. As a food, these birds are found in many cultures around the world. While quail might not be a common dish today, humans have been consuming them for centuries. Unlike many other animals, quail bones are soft when cooked, and rather than remove them, many eat the bones as well as the meat.

Quail Meat vs. Chicken Meat

Quail is often compared to chicken, as it looks very similar to chicken, only much smaller. Quail meat is often prepared the same way as chicken meat, such as roasting. However, while quail and chickens are similar, they do have some differences. 

Most importantly, you shouldn’t expect quail to taste exactly like chicken. Many people consider quail to have a much gamier taste than chicken. It is often referred to as tasting like a mix between chicken and duck. Additionally, quail is typically more tender than chicken meat and is known for being very moist when prepared correctly. Because of this, even though quail and chicken are alike in many ways, they’re very different experiences to eat. Which one you like best depends on your preferences, as many people have strong opinions on gamey flavors. As quail are much smaller than chickens, it’s difficult to make a full meal out of, which is why it’s perfect as an appetizer.

Although quail may be small, they contain plenty of nutrients that can make them even more compelling. They have more protein and less fat than chicken and have many important vitamins and minerals.  

While quail meat and chicken meat do have noticeable differences, many people believe that quail eggs taste very similar to chicken eggs. Of course, due to the size of quail compared to chickens, their eggs are significantly smaller. 

Explore the Rest of The Beaumont Inn’s Spring Menu

Our stuffed quail is just one of the delicious items you can order on The Beaumont Inn’s spring menu. This is also only just the beginning of your meal. We offer even more entrees to ensure that you have a perfect dinner. Our menu features some of the best flavors of spring and our dishes use only the best ingredients available.

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