Posted on March 15, 2022

Dine Outside This Spring with The Beaumont Inn

There are plenty of things to enjoy about the winter – the holiday season, freshly fallen snow, and staying cozy inside are just a few. However, by this time of year, most of us are over it. We know everyone is patiently waiting for the return of spring, but it’s not quite here yet. This time of year can be especially difficult, as spring is just around the corner, but it can also feel like it’s still far out of reach. If you’re ready for it to be spring, come dine at The Beaumont Inn in one of our heated igloos. Our igloos aren’t just for the cold winter months, they’re perfect for outdoor dining during the in-between period when winter is on its way out but the weather isn’t as warm as you’d like. 

Don’t Risk the Weather Changing

The weather this time of year can be extremely finicky. One day, you can be comfortable outside in the sunshine with short sleeves, and in only a few days, you can be shoveling inches of snow. Even the warmest days can have severe temperature changes that leave you reaching for your coat. This can make it difficult to plan for anything during March and April. With a dining igloo, you don’t have to worry about temperamental weather. Our igloos are heated, so you can eat outside comfortably no matter what the weather decides to do. If you’re planning something special, you can also book our special event igloo to accommodate a larger group. 

Get the Chance to Sit Out in the Sun

Months of not getting to spend time in the sunshine can really begin to take a toll. Getting some time out in the sun can instantly help put us in a better mood, but it isn’t something we’re always able to do when the sun sets early and the weather is still too chilly to enjoy. Thanks to daylight savings, you can get a little time in the sun while you eat outside. Dining under the stars is amazing, but we know many have been looking forward to a sunlit dinner and enjoying beautiful sunsets. When you have dinner in our igloos, you’ll get the chance to dine outside while the sun is still shining. 

Watch as the Greenery Returns and the Flowers Bloom

During the long winter months, there isn’t much to look at outside. The snow can be beautiful, but only for so long. After a cold, dreary winter, nothing is better than starting to see plants return. There’s no better place for enjoying the beauty of nature than at the Beaumont Inn. 

Our property is located in the beautiful Back Mountain surrounded by nature, so springtime at the Beaumont is always a sight to see. Watch as the grass gets greener, the trees get full of leaves, and the flowers begin to pop up. 

Reserve an Igloo at The Beaumont This Spring!

We’re excited for spring at The Beaumont Inn, and we know you are too. Our igloos are perfect for enjoying late winter and early spring. Igloos are only available until April 3rd, so don’t miss your opportunity to reserve yours today! It also won’t be long before our spring menu is out, featuring many of the best seasonal ingredients and flavors. Before then, there’s still plenty of amazing dishes to try on our winter menu!

Reserve one of our igloos for dinner in Dallas before igloo season is over!