Posted on February 2, 2022

How Can You Make a Cold Winter Dinner Romantic?

It can be a tough sell to convince yourself or anyone to go out in the cold weather, but the most romantic holiday of the year is coming! Valentine’s Day makes it the perfect time to take out that special someone for an intimate night meant for just the two of you. Don’t let the cold stop you from having the romantic winter dinner you deserve, because it’s not out of reach. 

To have a romantic night out when it’s this cold, all you need are three things: a romantic place, delicious food, and the best company in the world. The Beaumont Inn can provide the first two, you just have to bring your loved one.

Where Can You Have a Romantic Winter Dinner?

Our suggestion isn’t just to come to The Beaumont Inn and our restaurant to have dinner. Our indoor dining area is romantic, but it’s not the only dining area we offer – our outdoor dining area is far more romantic. That may sound crazy because how can freezing be romantic?

Well, when you have dinner outside in one of our igloos, it’s not cold. Our igloos are heated transparent tents that are nice and toasty and come with lap blankets to warm anyone up. Once you’re inside one, the romantic dinner begins as you’re with your special someone under the night sky and the stars. There’s no noise from the outside, no distractions, just you, someone special, and amazing food. 

It can be difficult with the way life moves to find a moment to sit down with your partner and really focus on them. Sometimes having the right place can help tap into that intimate connection we share with our loved ones.

What Food Can You Have For a Romantic Winter Dinner?

Of course, what is dinner without food? You’re not going to go anywhere and sit in an igloo without having something to eat. But what should you have? 

Warm Appetizers

You just came out of the cold, even if it was for a few seconds, to get in the igloo. You want to help yourself warm up, or at least avoid getting cold again. There are several appetizers and starters perfect to start off with.

  • Soups: Soups are the go-to meal when you’re cold. One of the best choices has to be French onion soup, with its savory broth, caramelized onions, house-made croutons, melted swiss, and provolone cheese.
  • Little Neck Clams: Seafood can be served both cold or hot, but this appetizer is steamed, so you can be sure it’s not going to make you any colder. Our steamed littleneck clams are served in a garlic, white wine, and lemon sauce.
  • Baked Brie: If there’s one thing you shouldn’t go without having tried for yourself, it’s baked brie. It’s the best-melted cheese in the world with caramelized black mission figs and brie cheese wrapped in a puff pastry, baked until golden brown, topped with bourbon maple reduction, and served with crostinis. We go all out, even with our appetizers.

Hot Entreés

Most of our entreés are hot out of the oven, off the grill, and straight from the pan. We have signature steaks to choose from, like filet mignon and grilled elk loin. There are also other meat options on our menu like veal marsala and duck breast.

But we also have fish and seafood too, like our royal tide Atlantic salmon topped with caramelized pineapple salsa. There are also our pan-seared scallops if you or your loved one are more shellfish people. 

The Valentine’s Day Menu

We love curating menus made to fit the theme of the holiday. If you order from this menu, you’ll have a starter and meal designed to amplify what tastes best in the other. Our Shrimp Cocktail comes first, serving as a starter that’s perfect for a couple to share together. To bring out the shellfish’s juiciness, it comes in Champagne Cocktail Sauce and Meyer Lemon Aioli.

Our Valentine’s Day meals include Grilled Venison Rack Chop and Pan-Seared Swordfish. Their meals give you enough to satisfy you and leave enough for your partner to take off your plate–even though they said they wouldn’t. Grilled Venison Rack Chop comes in parsnip apple puree and carrot fennel slaw, while the Pan-Seared Swordfish comes in honey with a pistachio crust, finished with a saffron lime reduction. Something will definitely be stolen off your plate!

Make Your Reservation at The Beaumont Inn Now

When you suggest a romantic dinner in an igloo at The Beaumont Inn, and you tell them about all things our venue does to make the night special, they’ll praise you as a genius. Make a reservation for an igloo now, we’re perfect for that date night you need, anniversaries, or holidays. Valentine’s Day is right around the corner.

Indoor dining has separation reservations from igloos if that’s what you would prefer.