Posted on August 15, 2022

Should You Try Quail?

If you’re a foodie, or just someone who isn’t afraid of trying new cuisine, The Beaumont Inn is definitely the place for you. With dishes such as grilled elk loin and zucchini cakes with smoked salmon mousse and black tobiko caviar, we promise to deliver new and exciting flavors to your taste buds. While we have more traditional dishes that are just as delicious as well, the star of the show today is another unique food, quail. Trying quail for the first time is a unique experience, especially how we prepare it.

What is Quail?

As one of the smallest farmed birds, quail can weigh as little as 100 grams, or around .3 pounds when fully grown. Although there are many different types, all with varying physical features, the most commonly farmed species is the Japanese Quail. This animal, due to its small size and lack of skill to run or fly as fast as other birds, is prey in the wild to larger animals. They do, however, make excellent foragers on the ground due to their sharp beaks.

The History of Quail Farming

Farmers in Europe have bred quail as a food source for thousands of years. It is even possible, evidence has shown, that the Egyptians began breeding the bird for meals before them. 

The industry leader today is now seemingly China, producing about 80% of quail eaten by the world. While the European Union produces a large amount as well, it is largely unregulated. 

In present-day, quail plays a large role in Polish, Portuguese, Italian, Mexican, and Indian cuisine. Eaten with their bones in at times due to how small and easily chewable they are, this dish is one-of-a-kind.

Health Benefits

One huge benefit of trying quail is how healthy it is! Packed with protein, iron, calcium, and zinc, in addition to Vitamins B, D, A, C, and K.4, the small animal has many more nutrients than several other birds such as chickens. As a result, quail meat is good for your eyes, skin, bones, your body’s tissues, and heart health. It even boosts your immune system and energy levels as well as works to solve respiratory and digestive system issues. 

Prepared By The Beaumont Inn

While there are many great ways to prepare quail, The Beaumont Inn takes it to a new level. Southern fried with homemade sausage and sage gravy, it will without a doubt be one of your new favorite foods. Other ways to prepare the bird include roasting it whole, as well as pan-frying, grilling, or roasting quail breasts. Some chefs will create their own take on original and complex dishes, but they are most typically paired with a light sauce or butter of some sort.

Quail is not something you can run into a grocery store to purchase, and you need to know what to look for to ensure you have the best tasting quail. The typical way to acquire these birds is by special ordering them or visiting a local butcher. Sold bone-in or bone-out, select one that looks plump with healthy yellowish-looking moist skin. This will result in tender, gamey flavors, comparable to a more flavorful and higher quality chicken

Interested In Trying Quail and More at The Beaumont Inn?

The Beaumont Inn’s menu is packed with delectable dishes, and trying quail in our restaurant is only one of the items you have to look forward to. If you’re looking for a fine dining experience, complete with an amazing atmosphere, cocktails, service, and of course food, we have the place for you. Make a reservation today!