Posted on April 15, 2022

What is Game Meat?

At The Beaumont Inn, we know our guests look forward to having a high-quality and unique dining experience. While we offer this on weekdays and weekends through our regular menu, we have opportunities throughout the year to try something even more special. We host various dining experiences with carefully curated menus, including our upcoming Wild Game Dinner on April 20th and 21st.

NEPA is huge for hunting, so many people are familiar with and love game meat. If you’re not a hunter yourself, you probably know someone who is and have enjoyed locally-sourced game meat. However, our Wild Game Dinner menu contains more wild game than you can find in the area. Learn more about it and what you can expect at The Beaumont Inn!

What Counts as Game Meat?

For many of us, it’s safe to assume that the meat we eat most often, especially at home, isn’t game meat. Most people likely eat poultry, beef, and pork purchased from the store and raised on a commercial farm that mass produces meat. This is different from game meat, which isn’t raised on a commercial farm and can be hunted in the wild, although it may be raised on ranches and enclosed pastures. For example, deer hunted in NEPA are game meat. Unlike animals raised on commercial farms, they are free to roam and eat their natural diets. 

Game meat can include a wide range of wild meat. This includes birds, like duck, quail, and pheasant, large animals, like wild boar and moose, and smaller animals, like rabbits. It can also include game fish, which is fish caught non-commercially, such as by a local fisherman who does it recreationally. 

Benefits of Eating Game Meat

Wild game isn’t as common to come by, which makes it a special meal for many people. You’ll likely be able to tell the difference between wild and domesticated meat by the taste and smell alone. Most who have had game meat describe it as tasting “gamey,” which is a differing taste from commercially produced meat. It tends to have a much stronger, earthier flavor due to the lifestyle of the animals. This also often causes the meat to be much leaner.

However, as the animals live an active lifestyle with a healthier diet, this is also reflected in how good for us the meat is. Game meat typically has a lower fat content and more protein. This meat has many of the health benefits you can get from commercially-farmed meat, but without additives like hormones. 

What Game Meat is The Beaumont Inn Serving?

You’ll be able to try a range of different game meats at the Beaumont Inn’s upcoming Wild Game Dinner. For many people, our menu contains game meat you might have never tried before and won’t have the chance to very often. During our five-course meal, you’ll get to try:

  • Alligator fritters over crayfish étouffée
  • Rabbit saddle confit
  • Pan-roasted Parlor birch beer-brined quail
  • Grilled ostrich oyster steak
  • Wild boar bacon-wrapped kangaroo loin

Make Your Reservations Today!

Our Wild Game Dinner is a can’t-miss event, but seats are extremely limited. If you want to try some truly unique dishes that would be hard to find anywhere else, you need to join us for dinner in Dallas at The Beaumont Inn. 

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